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Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family! For the month of April we’re going To explore the wonderful flavors Of Brazil in particular, Brazil Santos And our other delight is from Costa Rica “Reserve “ BRAZIL Santos —————————————————- Brazil hot, humid climate Lends itself to be the perfect place To grow coffee. The beans are hand-harvested and Dry processed. […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AMASCAFE Family SUGGESTIONS FOR LOW CALORIE FLAVORED COFFEE!  One of the easiest ways to add Flavor to your favorite brew is by Using extract such as;  1- Vanilla extract good quality,A few drops will suffice, add yourFavorite coffee creamer and enjoy!  2- Almond extract good quality Add low calorie hot cocoa powder Stevia and best coffee creamer forA marvelous Almond Rocca […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family  As every month approaches I’m delighted to share our coffee profiles with you… For March we are featuring; BALI “ Blue Moon “ COLOMBIA “ Mesa De Los Santos “ _____________________________________________________________________________ Bali “ Blue Moon “ This shade grown, wet-processed Bali Blue Moon Coffee comes from The Kintamani Highlands region. Due to a […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family One of the reasons I’m doing a Blog is to be able to share what I’ve experienced and along with You take you on a world coffee Journey that will delight you time And time again. For the month of February my first Choice is Dominican Republic “Santo Domingo“ I’ve been fortunate enough to have Tasted this coffee […]

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