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Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Greetings dear AmasCafe family, I’m really excited to write and share knowledge about our Curated coffee’s for this month. ESPRESSO VERDI Espresso Verdi is a “ Seattle Style ” roast with a very distinguished bold flavor that is held in high regard with coffee aficionados. Get more out of your espresso with the intense flavor and heavy body of […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Greetings once again My AmasCafe Family,   For our second choice for the Month of August Curator program, I’ve selected  “MARRAKESH BLEND”.   Our Roasters have captured the essence of the Marrakesh Market in our Blend. We start with high-quality Arabica beans that have been roasted dark to a velvety finish.   The Marrakesh Blend is […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family,  I’m always happy to talk about our upcoming Curator program Coffees for the Month of August, by now I certainly hope you have enjoyed our vast variety of World Class Naturally Grown Gourmet Coffees from around the Globe! This month’s Curator Program presents an incomparable Custom Blend “ WORLD TOUR BLEND “. […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family,  I’m always happy to share with you this month Curators Coffee;   ESPRESSO ITALIA    This Southern Italian classic is a blend of 100% Arabica beans and roasted by our on-site roaster to “ Full City Roast”.  Full City is a medium roast that is reached after just a few minutes when […]

Coffee Guide

Beans for Iced & Hot drinks For most people, coffee is a part of their daily life, not only because it wakes them up in the morning, but also because it can reduce stress, boost their mood, and simply because it tastes delicious. However, people have their preferences when it comes to coffee. Some like […]

Good Day Boosters: Coffee and Music

Coffee and Music Having a relaxed and calm mind can be challenging at times because of the uncertainties in people’s lives. Stress and anxiety can come from different things, may it be from your job, career, and most significantly, personal life. Anxiety, stress, or plainly being worried about simple or complex things can undoubtedly mess […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Familia  It’s always my pleasure to write about Coffees for this month we’re featuring the highly regarded and recommend coffees from Guatemala, in particular from the Coffee region of Antigua, tucked away in a valley and nestled between three Volcanoes, lies beautiful Antigua, Guatemala; it’s in this climatically diverse region that you will find the […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Greetings AmasCafe Family,  It’s always a pleasure to deliver specialty Gourmet Coffee to you. For June’s Curator program we’re Featuring; SUMATRA “Gayo Mountain” FT ______________________________________ Carefully tended to by local Sumatra Farmers, Organic Sumatra “ Gayo Mountain “ Coffee is grown and handled in accordance with strict regulations and practices. Cultivated, harvested, and naturally processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides, this smooth-tasting coffee produces a clean […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AmasCafe Family! For the month of April we’re going To explore the wonderful flavors Of Brazil in particular, Brazil Santos And our other delight is from Costa Rica “Reserve “ BRAZIL Santos —————————————————- Brazil hot, humid climate Lends itself to be the perfect place To grow coffee. The beans are hand-harvested and Dry processed. […]

Debbie’s Coffee Talk

Hello AMASCAFE Family SUGGESTIONS FOR LOW CALORIE FLAVORED COFFEE!  One of the easiest ways to add Flavor to your favorite brew is by Using extract such as;  1- Vanilla extract good quality,A few drops will suffice, add yourFavorite coffee creamer and enjoy!  2- Almond extract good quality Add low calorie hot cocoa powder Stevia and best coffee creamer forA marvelous Almond Rocca […]

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