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Good Day Boosters: Coffee and Music

Coffee and Music Having a relaxed and calm mind can be challenging at times because of the uncertainties in people’s lives. Stress and anxiety can come from different things, may it be from your job, career, and most significantly, personal life. Anxiety, stress, or plainly being worried about simple or complex things can undoubtedly mess […]

It’s May Already!

Here we are.. Month Number 4 of AmasCafe! Who could imagine?! We’ve had 3 previous months of exceptional musicians (whose videos are still in our music library, if you’d like to take a look. Still FREE!) Cedric Luces, that great steel drum player, was February, and Hamilton Cheifetz, our wonderful Portland Cellist was March. Our […]

Melodic Musings

Welcome to the first edition of our Music Blog!  Our goal is to entertain you with Music of the World, and maybe some Spoken Word surprises along the way. Do you have someone you’d like to recommend to us? We’d love to hear from you. Email Hanafi (that’s me), with your thoughts, suggestions, feedback and […]

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