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Featured artists for the month

Exceptional Female Vocalists

“We are delighted to extend our July Female Vocalists”

“New featured artists will be coming soon ….Stay Tuned….” 

You may be familiar with some that we’ve included here, but perhaps you’ll hear something new. We’ve led off with säje voices (rhymes with beige). 

Prepare to be amazed: Musically AND philosophically. 

Our curator’s recommended coffee varieties for July are: Espresso Italia and Reggae Blend, SO.. To honor those coffees, I’ve included the remarkable Italian Mezzo Soprano, Cecila Bartoli. Her vocal abilities and range are unparalleled. AND, Rock and Groove Riddim Freestyle, to capture some of the Reggae Spirit.. 

You may have never heard of Frances Madden, one of Australia’s most talented young singer-songwriters and piano players, but we have, and now, so have you! Frances captivates her audiences with a combination of her genuinely warm stage presence along with a voice and style that are distinctly her own. 

Fabulous Female Voices would be incomplete without Mariza, the Soul of Portugal, and her gift of Fado to us. Enjoy! 

We finish this playlist with 2 voices from our Jazz heritage. Chris Connor, a uniquely talented jazz singer, had a wonderful career that spanned from the 40s until 2003. Her voice has a special quality that fortunately was captured, and continues to entertain us after all these years. 

And finally, Nina Simone offers us her incomparable spirit and talent. Her musical style fused gospel and pop with classical music, in particular Johann Sebastian Bach, and accompanied expressive, jazz-like singing in her contralto voice. She went on to record more than 40 albums between 1958 and 1974.


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